1895 Winchester$2,750(Canyon, TX)

1895 Winchester .30-40 krag Serialization has it made in 1912. Its not mint, but you don't expect to find arms that are over 100 years old in that shape. When is the last time you saw an 1895 in person? This is the only one that Ive seen except for a couple of repro Brownings in 2003. The 1895 was Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rifle. And he insisted that his troops be armed with .30-40 krag smokeless cartridges during the Spanish American War in 1898. Roosevelt carried an 1895 during the war. It wasn't this one, though I wish it was. I'm not going to spin you a tall tale, and blow smoke, I'm just offering a great piece of history at a price that is beyond reasonable. If our numbers are close, I will consider reasonable offers.